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Collection of Cash

Manage your receivables, customer payments and incoming cash flows with our timely and efficient cash collection services.

Electronic Payment Services (EPS)

Improve your cash flow and funds management electronically. EPS lets you collect funds on predetermined dates and eliminates paperwork.

Wire Transfer

Move domestic and international funds into your account quickly and easily with same day processing.

Cash Concentration

Reduce paperwork and save time. Our cash concentration service lets you deposit funds into your account from any local depository bank – a real advantage for companies with multi-locations.

Zero Balance Account

Maximize your investment opportunities by pooling funds. Consolidate the net balances from multiple checking accounts into a single operating account.

Remittance Processing

  • TD Lockbox – Wholesale – Through the use of a post office box, remittance payments made to your company are processed and deposited into your account daily by the bank. Deposit reports can be delivered via transmission, fax or U.S. mail.
  • TD Lockbox – Retail – If you have a business with high-volume invoicing, we'll process payment documents with scan lines through optical character recognition (OCR) equipment. Daily deposit reports can be delivered via transmission, diskette or mail.

Deposit Reconciliation

Track your multi-location business with a single report. We provide reconciled deposit information, including date, amount and total deposits by location, when you deposit funds into a single concentration account.

Contact Treasury Management Services

Contact our Treasury Management Services Team or call one of our representatives:
  • Customer Care for Existing Customer inquiries: 1-866-475-7262
  • Sales Team for New Customers: 1-888-388-0408
Did You Know?
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