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Penny Arcade Fun Facts


Whether by piggy bank, coat pocket or wagon, coins find their way to TD Bank’s Penny Arcade in many ways. Designed and used exclusively by TD Bank, Penny Arcade is one of the bank’s most unique features and delivers the convenience for which TD Bank is so well known. This fun, interactive and efficient coin-counting machine is free to TD Bank customers!

  • Penny Arcade was introduced in 1999 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.
  • Can count 3,500 coins per minute
  • Is tested at least 3 times a day to make sure it’s accurate
  • Will count any U.S. coin (except silver dollars)
  • Has interactive touch screens both at kid and adult height
  • You have the opportunity to guess the value of your coins. If you’re within $1.99, you win a TD-branded “Penny” prize.
  • The coins counted at the Penny Arcade in a year are enough to fill 6,500 tractor-trailers. If these trucks were lined up end-to-end, they would stretch for 99 miles!
  • In 2012 we counted more than 29 billion coins – 49% were pennies!
  • In 2012 we distributed more than 912,000 Penny prizes to kids and adults.
  • Coin-counting is green! Recycling coins reduces the need to produce more, lowering impacts on the environment and preserving natural resources.