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Making online payments for your business is a click away.


Pay anyone in the U.S. with these quick and easy payment options

Your business needs to be flexible when making payments. That's why Online Banking offers you different ways to make payments, depending on your needs.

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Payroll & ACH

As a Small Business customer at TD Bank, you're looking for an easy solution for payroll.

Our ACH Services can make this type of batch payment a breeze.

And it's great for paying corporate suppliers and vendors too.

After a quick, one-time enrollment, we'll get you set up to use the service.

Receivers are simply the employees or vendors you want to pay.

All you need is each receiver's routing number and bank account.

ACH, or Automated Clearing House, is a payment method that lets you electronically pay groups of receivers in batches.

It's easy to set up templates for repeated payments to the same receivers.

You can also upload files from financial software as the basis for a payment batch.

Once your payment batch is released, the funds are received in 1 to 2 business days.

And you'll be able to view payment status and history at any time.


  • Best for payroll, vendor and tax payments
  • Money arrives in 2 business days
  • Directly send money to any U.S. bank account, to a single person or multiple recipients
  • Set up templates to send money to the same accounts
  • Reduce hassle and expense of lost or uncashed checks


Bill Pay

  • Best for paying day to day business bills
  • Money arrives in 4 business days
  • Send payments to any business or individual in the U.S.
  • No need to write or mail checks
  • Easy to set up one-time or recurring payments
  • Easy to manage user access to your business accounts
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Users and Roles

TD Bank Online Banking makes it easy to manage user access to your business accounts.

It's all about giving key team members access to the right online banking tools, and setting the right checkpoints such as specific transaction limits.

Here's how it works.

You set up your employees as "users" who can access your company's online banking profile.

Then you create "roles" for those users.

One role might allow its assigned users to make small transfers between accounts.

Another role might let them set up wire transfers or ACH payments of more significant amounts.

A third might let its users pay bills.

You can even set things up to require your approval before anything goes out the door.

At TD Bank, you're in control of how online banking can work for your business.

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Wire Transfer

TD Bank makes it easy for our small business customers to send secure wire transfers online - to virtually any bank account in the U.S.

Wire transfers are among the fastest and most reliable ways to move money.

For a low fee per transaction, you can securely send a one-time payment for large ticket items - with peace of mind.

After a quick, one-time enrollment, we'll get you set up to use the service.

All you'll need is the beneficiary's name, bank, account number, and account type.

Once you send a wire transfer, it's assigned a Federal ID number and tracked on the Federal Reserve System Network.

The funds are available same-day, in most cases within the hour.

For your convenience, the beneficiary info will automatically be saved as a template, making future wire transfers that much easier.

Wire Transfers

  • Best for real estate transactions paying vendors quickly
  • Money arrives same day or up to 2 business days
  • Fastest way to send money to anyone in the U.S. with a bank account
  • Receive proof of payment when your money is received


Make your business payments even easier

Transfers: Easily transfer funds between your TD Bank accounts immediately
Quicken®/QuickBooks®integration: Make payments directly from your financial software.

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