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PCI Merchant Center Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) Merchant Center
PCI Overview PCI DSS Overview and helpful resources
PCI Document Library Documents to help ensure your business is PCI DSS compliant
EMV Liability Shift Guide Sharpen your EMV Liability Shift Focus
Card Acceptance Guidelines for Visa Merchants In depth overview for accepting card payments, including card present, card not present and PCI Data Security Standardization Requirements
Chargeback Prevention Overview How to prevent chargebacks
Chargeback Management Guidelines for Visa Merchants How to identify, respond, manage and prevent chargebacks
eCommerce Risk Mgmt Guidelines Tips for managing risk when accepting payments online
Preventing Employee Fraud Preventing fraud in the workplace
Visa Resolve Online Effectively process chargebacks and representments based on dispute filing changes
Surcharge Disputes Frequently asked questions on surcharge disputes


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Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

When customers offer their bank card at the point of sale, over the internet, on the phone, or through the mail, they want assurance that their account information is safe. The Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) is intended to protect cardholder data – wherever it resides – ensuring that members, merchants, and service providers maintain the highest information security standard. In 2004, the CISP requirements were incorporated into an industry standard known as the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). Following is a summary of the PCI DSS which must be followed by all merchants:

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Summary (PDF)

Visa® and MasterCard are committed to ensuring the safety and security of their payment systems and cardholder's confidence in shopping with payment cards. The appropriate Payment Card Industry Self Assessment Questionnaire must be completed annually by any merchant that captures, transmits or stores credit and debit card data. Completed questionnaires can be faxed to Merchant Risk Management at 207-753-3398. Please contact Customer Service at 800-348-4025 with any questions on completing this form.

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