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Encouraging your child to save? Our video explains the benefits.

Paying for college? Use our interactive guide to learn about your options.

Discussing Money With Your Child

Teaching your child about money can start at a very early age. When a child begins to understand the basic value of coins and dollars and is able to count, add and subtract, the child is probably ready to explore the world of money, saving and banking.

We have created a variety of worksheets for your use in introducing different concepts related to money, saving and banking to your child. Each worksheet provides ideas for reviewing such concepts as:

  • Defining the difference between a need and a want
  • Earning money through work
  • Saving for a special purchase
  • Using lines of credit responsibly

By instilling good financial practices in your child now, you will be giving them the ability to create a strong financial future.

Sharing the Learning Experience Online

The "Kids" TD Bank WOW!Zone follows the adventures of Penny and her friends as they play and learn all about money. Every episode of their adventures will teach your child something about money in such a way that they can truly understand. The site is designed to work at the pace your child requires. You can even read along with them and reinforce what you see by asking them questions as you move through the adventure. Following the episode, your child will have a chance to play a game that is fun, entertaining, and reinforces the lesson learned.
Currently under construction.

The "Young Investors" TD Bank WOW!Zone provides a virtual stock market game. By investing $100,000 in Virtual money every month, you and your child can learn the ups and downs of trading and investing.

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How to Use the Website with Your Child

Reading well is the cornerstone to learning for children. The TD Bank WOW!Zone stories are designed to help children learn about money and the importance of saving while also helping children to become skilled readers. Currently under construction.

To increase the learning experience for your child, we encourage you to:

  • Read the story with the child.
  • Encourage your child to say familiar words and phrases out loud.
  • Practice sounding out words your child may be having difficulty reading.
  • Provide the word your child is struggling with so that they don't become too frustrated and lose the enjoyment of the experience.
  • Visit the site often and repeat reading the story, asking your child what he or she enjoys most about the story and its characters.
  • Talk about the story when you're through. Share ideas about how you first learned to save and think of ideas together for how you and your child can practice what you have read and learned.
  • Each story is followed by a "Quiz Show" that allows your child to see how much they have learned from the story. You can take the quiz together and have fun remembering the story to solve the questions.
  • In the Game Room, you and your child can practice your knowledge about money and saving. We have created crossword puzzles and word scrambles, picture scrambles and a word seek and find... all designed to be exciting and challenging and fun! We have even created an online coloring book because sometimes you just need to play! Currently under construction.


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