TD Credit Card Balance Transfer Savings Calculator

By making a credit card balance transfer to your new TD credit card, your savings could really add up.

Use the calculator below to see the potential savings in interest you could receive over the first 12 billing statements for TD Cash and TD First Class Credit Cards. Does not apply to the TD Aeroplan Credit Card.

  • Enter in your existing balance for at least one non-TD credit card and the associated APR and monthly payment
  • Then click "Calculate" to see your savings

Keep in mind that these potential savings do not include any balance transfer fees that may apply.1

If you use your TD credit card to make a purchase during the promotional period for balance transfers, you will be charged interest unless you pay off your entire balance in full before the first payment due date – this includes any balance subject to a promotional rate.2

For details on the TD credit card that allows you to easily transfer balances, visit our credit cards page or contact us at 1-888-561-0608.

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1Balance transfers are subject to a fee of 4% (minimum $10) of the amount of each transfer for TD Cash, and 3% (minimum $10) for TD First Class Visa Signature credit card. All balance transfers are subject to your available credit limit. The minimum balance transfer amount is $250, plus the balance transfer transaction fee. Balance transfers may not be made payable to yourself or made payable to cash. Balance transfers may be used to pay off other creditors, but cannot be used to pay off accounts owned by TD or affiliate banks. Should your balance transfer request be approved, the balance transfer transaction fee will be reflected on your first billing statement following the transfer. This amount will be added to your minimum monthly payment and is required to be paid in full by the next payment due date.

2TD Bank charges interest on balance transfers and cash advances beginning on the transaction date (see your account disclosure for the applicable APR, including any promotional rates). We charge interest on purchases unless you pay your entire balance, which includes all purchases, cash advances and balance transfers by the payment due date each and every month. Please see your Personal Credit Card Agreement for details on how interest accrues.

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