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Each year, the TD Ready Challenge will invite eligible organizations to submit applications that offer solutions for a problem statement that is connected to one of the four drivers of change of the Ready Commitment: Financial Security, Vibrant Planet, Connected Communities and Better Health. The 2019 TD Ready Challenge Problem Statement focuses on Better Health.

The 2019 Problem Statement: Better Health

Research has shown a clear link between financial health and physical health. People with strong financial health experience less stress, access regular preventative healthcare, make healthier choices and take prescribed medication. People with strong physical health are able to work longer and are better equipped to deal with financial issues. Today, advances in healthcare are helping many people lead healthier lives.1 One reason is an increase in the ability to screen for and detect diseases at an earlier stage. That way interventions can occur sooner, making them less costly and more effective. Unfortunately, research has also shown that access to quality healthcare, including awareness and advancements related to early screening and intervention, may not be experienced equally across all communities and may differ based on a number of factors. These factors include race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and geographic location.

The 2019 TD Ready Challenge seeks to provide financial support to organizations that have designed innovative solutions to help improve access to early detection and intervention for diseases, with the goal of helping to increase equitable health outcomes for more people. Through the Challenge, TD has available grants of $1 million CDN each for up to 10 eligible organizations ($10 million CDN available in total) that have developed or are developing these solutions.

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