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Our annual signature North American initiative, the TD Ready Challenge has $10 million CAD* in grants available to organizations developing solutions for the benefit of society. The TD Ready Challenge is a key component to delivering on the Bank's global corporate citizenship platform, the TD Ready Commitment.

The goal of the TD Ready Commitment has always been to help people feel confident about their future and help create opportunities to succeed in an ever-changing world. When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged as a public health crisis it quickly impacted nearly every aspect of our lives, creating unprecedented challenges for communities and making people feel less secure than ever before. School systems were understandably overwhelmed and unequipped to respond when the pandemic emerged. Research is predicting that students across North America will experience significant learning loss due to remote and virtual learning. While there are numerous school subjects that are and will be challenged by this new learning environment, math and reading are of particular concern to teachers at this time.

The 2021 Problem Statement

The pandemic has disrupted elementary and high school education across North America. The transition to alternative ways of teaching has created challenges for both students and teachers due to uneven implementation and unequal access to technology. That's why this year, the focus of the 2021 TD Ready Challenge is on supporting innovative solutions to address the predicted learning loss in math and reading for disproportionately impacted students in grades K-12 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How can your organization address the problem statement?

The 2021 TD Ready Challenge seeks to provide financial support to organizations that have designed innovative, scalable and/or replicable solutions to help address the predicted pandemic-caused learning loss in math and reading faced by disproportionately impacted students in grades K-12 in communities across North America.

The Grants

In its fourth year, non-profits and community organizations can apply for a TD Ready Challenge grant ranging from $325,000 USD up to $1 million USD for initiatives that address this year's problem statement.

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*All USD amounts represents an estimate based on the current foreign exchange rate from CAD.