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Account Information FAQs

Q. What if I incur overdraft or other fees as a result of the delay?

A. We will not charge you any fees on your TD Bank account(s) as a result of these delays and we will reimburse you for any fees you may incur from other banks as a result of these delays. Our employees will work with you individually to resolve these outstanding issues. Please drop by one of our stores, which are open early and late each day.

Q. Online Banking and Quicken/QuickBooks are unavailable for a short period each day. Why is that?

A. As part of our normal processing, Online Banking and the link to Quicken/QuickBooks are unavailable each day when transactions are updated. Knowing how important Online Banking is to our Customers, these updates are typically completed during the overnight hours to minimize the impact to our Online Banking users. The delays that we've experienced recently have required us to conduct system maintenance at other times of the day so that transaction updates can be made. Get more information on Quicken/QuickBooks.

Q. What is causing the delay at your call center?

A. Many of our Customers have had questions about their accounts and have called our call center. This has led to unusual call volumes which have created longer than normal wait times. We have added additional staff, opened our stores earlier, and taken other steps to improve our ability to take our Customers' calls and questions.

Please be assured that these issues will be resolved as soon as possible and that we are working around the clock to return to business as usual. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you informed of our progress. If you have additional questions, please visit your local store or call us at 888-751-9000. We thank you in advance for your patience should you experience a delay in reaching a Customer Service Representative.