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A home equity line of credit comes in handy. It also comes with a low monthly payment.

Get the most out of your home with our Home Equity Line of Credit. You can invest in home improvements, consolidate bills and save on interest. Borrow smarter today:

  • Get a 0.25% interest rate discount with a TD Bank personal checking account
  • Draw when you're ready, no initial draw required
  • Your interest may be tax deductible (check with your tax advisor)
  • Access your money when and where you need it – online, by phone, at any TD Bank, with checks or with a free Visa® EquityAccess Card*

Low 3.75% variable APR* (Prime +.50%) includes 0.25% rate discount for TD Bank personal checking customers.
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Expand *Important Disclosures

*Rate is applicable in NH, MA, RI, CT, VT, NJ, PA, DE, NC, SC, ME. Rates vary by state, and are applicable to the state in which the collateral property is located. Rates subject to change.

*OFFER AND RATES: Rates will be higher for combined loan-to-value (CLTV) ratios higher than 80%. Maximum CLTV is based on creditworthiness, property type, occupancy and loan amount. For a property value greater than $2.5 million, additional terms and conditions may apply. Lien position may affect the maximum loan amount. Available on 1-4 family primary or secondary residences, excluding mobile homes, and homes for sale, under construction or on leased land. For co-ops, additional terms and conditions will apply. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is variable based on The Wall Street Journal Prime plus 0.50%, and will not exceed 18%. Prime as of 1/9/15 was 3.25%. Minimum line amount for Prime plus 0.50% is $50,000. Other rates are available for lines of credit in amounts below $50,000. APR is an estimate only. APR calculation does not include fees and charges that may be applicable. A qualifying TD Bank personal Checking account is required to be eligible for this 0.25% discount, which is reflected in the rate shown here. This relationship discount may be terminated and the interest rate on this account may increase by 0.25% upon closure of the qualifying checking account. The following fees apply: annual fee of $50 assessed after one year anniversary (except on loan amounts less than $50,000), origination fee of $99 (this is a finance charge), and early termination fee of 2% of outstanding principal balance (maximum $450) if line is paid off and closed in 24 months. Property insurance required. The monthly payment example is calculated as follows, and are all interest-only payments: the monthly payment of $155 is based on loan amount of $50,000 at an APR of 3.75% (currently Prime plus 0.50% and subject to change). If you pay interest only, you still owe the amounts drawn and your monthly payment will increase when the interest-only period ends. Offer valid on line amounts up to $500,000. For line amounts greater than $500,000, additional terms and conditions will apply.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Information contained in your credit report was used in connection with this offer. You received this offer because you satisfied our pre-established criteria for creditworthiness used to select individuals for this offer, and based on an initial determination that you met TD Bank's credit standards. TD Bank maintains the right to either reduce or not extend the credit at all if, after you respond, we find that 1) we are unable to confirm you are the person to whom the offer was made, or any information you provide to us is incomplete, inaccurate or unverifiable; 2) we determine that you no longer meet the criteria used to select you for this offer or any other criteria bearing on your creditworthiness; 3) we determine that your debt-to-income ratio is above 50%; 4) your property does not meet the collateral requirements identified above. Also, in rare circumstances, we may not extend the credit based on information in an additional credit report. You authorize TD Bank to investigate your credit and employment history and release any credit experience to consumer reporting agencies and others who may properly receive such information.

TAX DEDUCTIBILITY: Interest paid on an equity line or equity loan may be tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor about the deductibility of interest.

USA Patriot Act: To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens an account. What this means to you: when you open an account, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth, and other information that will allow us to identify you. We may also ask to see your driver's license or other identifying documents.

Loans subject to credit approval.

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