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Alternative Risk Transfer Solutions

   Alternative Risk Transfer Solutions | Sponsored Captive

The insurance industry has been transformed by rising costs and reduced capacity. This challenging market has led many companies to move away from traditional insurance solutions in search of alternative strategies to help them better manage their risk. Alternative Risk Transfer (ART) solutions could be an important part of your company's overall risk management strategy.

What is Alternative Risk Transfer (ART)?

Instead of the traditional method of trading dollars with an insurance company, ART can be a method of funding for and managing your own risk. There is a significant potential for long-term savings through risk management and loss control. A captive program, for instance, is performance-driven, with potential for profit return. You can avoid the dramatic rate swings in the traditional insurance marketplace by creating a stable, predictable, efficient program. Your loss fund dollars can be invested for additional income and you need only purchase insurance for catastrophic loss.

This should not be viewed as a short-term solution – this is a fundamental change in the way you manage your risk. It requires a commitment of time. Properly done, there can be short- and long-term benefits.

Alternative Risk Transfer with TD Insurance

TD Insurance, Inc. has been providing quality insurance services for more than 100 years. The agency's ART Division is unique in the Northeast, offering risk management solutions and strategies for clients in a wide range of industries.

Sponsored Captive: Northgroup Sponsored Captive Insurance, Inc. provides a captive facility to qualified clients who want the advantages of their own captive without the capitalization costs and administrative duties of a traditional captive, or the facility fee of a rental captive. TD Bank does not underwrite or share the participant's risk – rather, the participant funds and manages its own risk.

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