Import Letters of Credit

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A method of payment commonly used in international trade transactions, whereby the issuing bank promises to pay the exporter – provided the exporter complies with the terms and conditions of the letter of credit. A letter of credit may also be referred to as a documentary credit.


  • Irrevocable letters of credit cannot be cancelled or changed without the consent of all parties involved (importer, exporter and the issuing bank)
  • May be payable upon presentation of certain documents (sight) or at a future date after documents have been accepted under the letter of credit (term or usance)
  • The letter of credit should be consistent with the terms and conditions stipulated in the commercial contract
  • May be transferred to a third party if stipulated in the letter of credit
  • Import letter of credit applications may be completed and forwarded electronically via TD Bank Trade to TD Bank for processing


  • Importer is assured that, for the exporter to be paid, all terms and conditions of the letter of credit must be met
  • Importer may be able to negotiate more favorable trade terms with the exporter when payment by letter of credit is offered
  • Templates can be created on TD Bank Trade to allow for efficient issuance of letters of credit to repeat suppliers


  • Importer must have a credit facility with the issuing bank in order for a letter of credit to be issued
  • Electronic issuance of import letters of credit via TD Bank Trade is available at no additional cost above issuance fees and requires initial setup by TD Bank Global Trade Finance

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