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Tools and Resources for Starting Your Business


Starting your own business takes guts and planning. Being prepared and knowing the market will help ensure that your business starts on solid footing.

The main things you will need (and financial institutions may require for lending) are:

  • A solid business plan
  • A financial plan, including start-up costs and monthly cash flows
  • An analysis of competitors and how your business will compare
  • An understanding of the current market and projected trends

We have info to help you get started – view our tools for starting a business.

What do you need to know about your company's potential legal structure?

You may have heard such terms as corporation, partnership, company and others, but may not be sure of their benefits or disadvantages. Read our article to view the legal structure options available to you.

This article contains only general information that will apply to most situations. The legal and market conditions affecting that choice are far too complex to cover completely in one article.

Since laws constantly change, especially tax laws, you should consult with your professional advisors – your accountant, insurance professional and business attorney – to decide what will be best for you.

Business and personal finances should be separate for several reasons:

  • CPAs have an easier time filing your taxes
  • Liabilities should be separated between personal and business assets
  • Easier to understand your cash flow and ensure better record keeping
  • Help establish a business identity

Our Business Banking Specialists will help you choose the account that is best for your business. You can also view our checking accounts to see what works for you.

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