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Fan Mail

At TD Bank, making banking more convenient for you is our top priority. Read what some of our satisfied Customers have to say.

"A few days ago during our mortgage process, we were getting extremely stressed out with the process. David reached out to us to see how he could help make our experience pleasant. This gentleman has made our experience wonderful. He took the time to listen to our concern and made sure things went well. He indeed has succeeded in his goal. And our experience turned from a :( to a :).

I always feel a caring/dedicated person and professional individual deserves recognition for the work they do. I am so grateful that you have individuals who care, who respond, and who do all they can to help achieve great customer service." – Longtime customer and now a homeowner thanks to TD Bank!

"Over the last few weeks I have been opening a series of accounts, adding signatories, transferring funds, etc. On more than one occasion, this has necessitated Sara researching bank policy regarding the feasibility of some of these actions. In all cases, she obtained the clarifying information usually by the next day. It has been a great assist to me to be able to rely on one individual for these multi-step actions. This continuity, combined with Sara's competence, has been an unbeatable combination."

"My wife and I would like to extend to you our sincere thanks and appreciation for the excellent and professional service you provided to us upon opening our new account at TD Bank. As a United Nations official, I met with many banks' staffs in many parts of the world and I can honestly say that you are one of the few I came across that I consider to be professional. It was a pleasure meeting with you and working with you for my banking needs. You provided me with very professional attention during our visit to the bank. Thank you again."

"I am writing to you concerning a TD Bank employee who I feel blessed to have come into contact with. I have been a customer for two years and have the pleasure of John handling my accounts for me. He is an incredible employee who ALWAYS has a smile on his face and a warm, helpful attitude. I was recently widowed and needed to open up some accounts for my children. John spent numerous hours assisting me during this emotional time. He went above and beyond and I greatly appreciate his help. I was able to choose any bank to open up these accounts, and the reason I chose TD Bank was because I trust him explicitly."

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