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Employee Diversity

We want TD Bank to be a place that’s supportive of all our people – a place where every employee has the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential. Celebrating and supporting people’s differences is a fundamental part of our continuing effort to Build The Better Bank.

For us, building a truly inclusive culture is all about ensuring we have the best employees today and tomorrow. It’s about making sure we tap all available talent pools when recruiting employees and removing any barriers to success. Below are a few highlights of our workplace diversity program:

  • Corporate policies and principles: The fundamental values of diversity and inclusion are ingrained and promoted in our Guiding Principles, Employee Relations policies, Diversity and Affirmative Action Policy, and our Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy. These are designed to ensure a work environment free of harassment and one where employees are treated with dignity and respect.
  • Communications: At the start of our diversity effort, we made a commitment to regularly communicate to all employees about our diversity commitments and initiatives, using our intranet, internal TV channel and print pieces.

Guiding Principles and Leadership Profile

Guiding Principles

  1. Deliver Legendary Customer Experiences
  2. Be an Extraordinary Place to Work
  3. Operate with Excellence
  4. Understand Our Business
  5. Take Only Risks We Can Understand and Can Manage
  6. Enhance Our Brand
  7. Increase Shareholder Value

Leadership Profile

  1. Make An Impact
    • Get things done
    • Focus on what matters
    • Know their business from the ground up and customer in
    • Find a way to outperform, not settling for average
    • Deliver superior results for all stakeholders in both the short- and long-term
    • Own their results – don’t blame others
  2. Build For The Future
    • Have a vision and proactively take action to implement it
    • Develop tomorrow’s leaders
    • Create an organization that starts with the customer
    • Build organizational capabilities today that business will need tomorrow
    • Seek continuous improvement and create a learning environment
  3. Inspire The Will To Win
    • Driven to win with a passion for the business
    • Attract and retain great people
    • Bring out the best in individuals and teams and make it fun
    • Show perseverance and resilience in bad times
    • Recognize and reward the contributions of others, both in little ways and more formally
    • Care about people
  4. Work Effectively In Teams
    • Driven to win for TD team
    • Make things happen by leveraging their partners
    • Use positive influence not power to deliver results
    • Show trust in their business partners
    • Work well with people who are different than they are
    • Know instinctively how to engage the organization to make things happen
  5. Live Transparency
    • Speak candidly but with respect, no rounding corners
    • Have no time for internal politics
    • Are grounded, authentic and genuine and don’t take themselves too seriously
    • Are willing to personally wear problems
    • Surface problems, fix them and learn from them
    • Recognize their own strengths and weaknesses
  6. Show Excellent Judgment
    • Make pragmatic decisions, using a mix of intellect, experience and street smarts
    • Deal with tough issues fairly, decisively and calmly
    • Make timely decisions, even in ambiguous, rapidly changing situations
    • Take intelligent and prudent risks
    • Make decisions based on what’s best for TD not their ego
  7. Demonstrate Unwavering Integrity
    • Do the right thing to the highest ethical standards
    • Put the interests of the organization above their own and their business unit’s
    • Treat people with respects
    • Actions speak louder than words
    • Act as a role model publicly and privately
    • Demonstrate loyalty and responsibility to TD