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Code of Conduct and Ethics

Confidentiality of Information

A. Protecting Customer Information
All information concerning our customers, prospective customers, parent, vendors or agents, or their accounts or transactions with the Company, including but not limited to their financial, business and credit information, and all non-public information regarding the Company's business, finances, systems, procedures and intellectual property, is considered “Confidential or Proprietary Information.” We must safeguard all such Confidential or Proprietary Information in accordance with applicable law, the Company's Privacy and Safeguarding Customer Information Policies, as amended from time to time, and any applicable confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement or arrangement that Persons may have with the Company. We must use and disclose such Confidential or Proprietary Information solely as necessary for purposes of conducting the Company's business, and not use, disclose, sell, give or exchange any such Confidential or Proprietary Information to benefit ourselves or any party other than the Company.