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TD Bank Trade

Online Services TD Bank clients have the option of dealing with Global Trade Finance offices electronically via the Internet. TD Bank Trade provides fast, simple and secure issuance and tracking of TD Bank's Global Trade Finance products at no additional cost. Applications for letters of credit, standby letters of credit, guarantees and export documentary collections are completed via the Internet and transmitted directly to TD Bank. Exporters can receive advice of their letters of credit and amendments electronically.

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  • Detailed and flexible reports are available and updated daily
  • Access is controlled through the use of a dedicated ID and password set by the user
  • All transmitted and stored data is encrypted


  • Letters of credit reference numbers are usually available within minutes of transmission (for import letters of credit and standby letters of credit) to TD Bank
  • Electronically received letter of credit applications can be processed faster than paper-based requests
  • Availability of templates improves efficiency when applying for import letters of credit and standby letters of credit


  • TD Bank Trade is free of cost and requires initial setup by TD Bank Global Trade Finance
  • Importer must have a credit facility with the Issuing Bank in order for a Letter of Credit to be issued
  • There is no need to obtain special equipment or software. All you need is a standard PC with a web browser and Internet access. Your computer system needs to meet the following minimum requirements:
    • You must have your own ISP. (We do not endorse or provide an ISP. If you do not currently have an ISP, you are required to obtain one, and monthly charges from your ISP may apply.)
    • Necessary computer equipment
    • Compatible browser (e.g., Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher featuring 128-bit encryption)
  • Training will be provided on a one-to-one appointed time basis at your convenience once you have successfully registered. An easy-to-understand user guide is also available so you can familiarize yourself with the system features at your own pace.

Contact Global Trade Finance

  • Global Trade Finance: 1-800-937-8226.